Alessandra is having fun all by herself while the cute Vicky is watching her from behind. Vicky actually came over to confront Alessandra with her behavior and that she wants her to stop messing around with him. Alessandra disagrees and shows Vicky she's a truly deviant sex freak who just loves sex! Alessandra jumps on Vicky, starts to play with her beautiful boobs until Clea comes in and disturbs the party! Instead of freaking out she decides to join the lesbian party and the three of them have a sexual encounter they won't quickly forget!

Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 01)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 07)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 14)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 21)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 28)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 35)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 42)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 49)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 56)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 63)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 70)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 77)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 84)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 91)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 98)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 104)
Vicky Chase - My Bad Family (Thumb 112)

Alessandra Jane - Stroke and suck

Alessandra Jane - EuroSexParties

23rd June - Alessandra Jane and her friend Cherry Bright met up with us out and about. They were just the right age and from Russia. We know how these young twenty year olds love to party and take on life. We showed them around town all the while flirting with the limits they were willing to go. After the tour of downtown we showed them some of the interior design Europe had to offer. Tony kept pushing the limits until they either had to leave or go for it. Alessandra and Cherry were game and showed us the goods. These two girls loved the fruits Europe had and filled their mouths with them. They double teamed Tony until Choky showed up to help out. The guys fucked them good and made sure the tour would leave a lasting impression. ...Read More
Alessandra Jane - Sweet jane

Alessandra Jane - MikesApartment

26th November - Choky met the sexy redhead, Alessandra, at a local pub, and they started talking. Alessandra was visiting from Russia and needed a place to stay. Choky knew just the place. Soon we were in Mike's apartment where Choky showed her around while JJ gave us a look at Alessandra's sexy juicy body. JJ worked his magic and struck a deal with Alessandra to stay if she fucked his friend Choky on camera. Alessandra was into Choky, and being on holiday, was down for anything. Alessandra got busy on that cock like only a Euro babe could. She was a seemingly small package, but put a lot into it, as she fucked and sucked Choky until he exploded in her mouth. ...Read More
Alessandra Jane - Her Pink Flower


28th July - What do vivacious, young cuties do on a summers day when they are bored at home, and alone?Well we can't speak for all, but we do get a glimpse today at what Alessandra Jane likes to get into. The blue eyed Russian starlet likes to get into the taut little body of hers, and in specifically her lovely flower with a set of wings that spell "maturity". ...Read More

Chary Kiss - Hot Fisting Mess

Chary Kiss - Hot Fisting Mess

2nd July - Alessandra and Chary take things to the next level by fisting each other deep and wide. The blondes look like proper ladies with not-so-average killer good looks, but turn into a hot horny mess once the bedroom door is closed and their clothes are off. You never saw it cumming. ...Read More
Alessandra Jane - Taking The Dick


7th August - Thats exactly what Alessandra is doing here, there is no mistaking that. This young Russian tart is boiling with lust and her man gets the clue in the Boy-Girl classic. Enjoy the vistas as she gets her perfectly shaved twat licked then hammered in all positions until she's released of her horny spell! ...Read More
Alessandra Jane - The Day Before You Came

Alessandra Jane - Real Wife Stories

27th May - Let this be a lesson. Never leave your wife at home alone when you're moving into a new place. Alessandra's husband tries to smooth things over with a fruit basket, but she has her eye on her neighbor Danny D. After getting Danny to help her by holding a ladder, he can't help himself from getting a piece of Alessandra's scrumptious booty. Alessandra decides to take Danny's massive rod down her throat before Danny pounds her tight pussy around the new apartment. ...Read More