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Kimberly has never been interested in having a sugar daddy, but after Kendra enjoyed her experience with Mr M, she has rethought her priorities. Kendra was already sharing her daddy so she doesn't really want to let Kimberly in on the action, but after meeting Mr Lion, she finds that he is looking for a regular arrangement. After Kendra shares some hot pics of Kimberly with him, the beautiful redhead finds herself at his place and ready to embark on their business arrangement.


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Kimberly Brix - Sexy Teen Redhead Tries Double Penetration

Kimberly Brix - Tushy

26th April - Stunning redhead Kimberly and her friend Lauren are in California for a vacation. When they meet two hot guys at the beach, they decide to go back to their house for a few drinks. Lauren takes Kimberly to the restroom where she tells her that she is just not up for what Kimberly has in mind. Her boyfriend has been texting her and she doesn't want to cheat on him. So Kimberly decides to have some fun alone and tells Lauren to meet her back at the hotel later. Does she realise what she might be getting herself into? Only time will tell, and whatever happens, it's going to be a double dose. ...Read More
Kimberly Brix - Red Head College Girl With Black Sugar Daddy

Kimberly Brix - Blacked

2nd December - Kimberly is from a good family but when her parents cut off her allowance for too much partying, she decides she needs to get some money another way. Girls at school tell her about a sugar daddy site where girls can be paid good money to keep them happy. She meets up with Michael, a rich businessman who has the biggest dick she has ever seen! They have a few drinks at his place, and things heat up pretty quickly. He takes her into the bedroom where she sees what he has to offer. Sucking on his huge black shaft, it gets even bigger, and makes her gag whens she takes as much as she can. She spreads her pussy wide allowing him to ease his massive girth into her. It makes her moan so loudly, and fills her up like she's never experienced! Then he takes her from behind giving her his entire length before she climbs on top, which makes her squirt over and over again, drenching him in her juices. She begs him to cum inside her pussy, and he does, filling her up till she overflows all over his drained dick. ...Read More
Kimberly Brix - Nerd Girls Part 3

Kimberly Brix - Nerd Girls Part 3

3rd July - Nerd teen Kimberly uses the force of her tight snatch on Ryan. It turns out she is the droid he is looking for. Before he knows what's happening his face is buried in her pussy, followed by his rock hard cock. She puts her lightsaber handling skills to use on his dick and he fires his load in her exhaust port. ...Read More

Alex Chance - Lesbians Alex and Kimberly

Alex Chance - Lesbians Alex and Kimberly

1st December - Busty babe Alex Chance gets to fuck Kimberly Brix. These hot lesbians use their toys on their pussies as they race to orgasm first.
Kimberly Brix - Sorority Girl Hazed into Doing Two Huge BBC

Kimberly Brix - Blacked

5th May - Meet Kimberly, a stunning red-headed sorority sister who has passed all the tests during her pledging so far. But there is one last task she has to endure. If she really wants to be part of this, she has to pleasure two gorgeous black guys at once, leaving them completely satisfied. Kimberly wants this more than anything, and will do whatever it takes to pass this final test. It doesn't take long before she is not only passing with flying colours, but enjoying everything these two have to offer. Can she take it all? ...Read More
Kimberly Brix - Sexy Hot Redhead Kimberly

Kimberly Brix - Sexy Hot Redhead Kimberly

27th September - Kimberly Brix is a fiery hot redhead and damn is she horny! She teases with her small tits and shaved pussy as she gets her toy out to make herself cum just for you! ...Read More

Kimberly Brix - Porn Audition

Kimberly Brix - She's New

27th September - Kimberly got dropped off and my place by her agent because she wants to be a porn star. So basically this would be her audition to get into the porn industry. I told her to impress me so she striped naked and showed me her amazing petite body! She has one of the nicest asses I?ve ever seen, especially for a petite cutie like her. It was about time where she got on her knees and showed me her dick sucking skills - Kimberly could nearly fit my whole dick in her mouth while she teased me with her tongue, it felt amazing. Then she bent over the bed and I pounded into her tight pussy before she rode me cowgirl and squirted on my cock! I finished off on her stomach and wished her the best! Hope to see you again soon Kimberly... ...Read More
Kimberly Brix - Tutor Me!

Kimberly Brix - Tutor Me!

19th June - Afterschool studies quickly turn from algebra to vagina when redheaded babe Kimberly Brix gets her hands on her math tutor's hard cock. This babe sucks at math just about as much as she sucks on dick ... Alex is more than willing to let her go in for a taste before pounding the rest of the afternoon away in every possible position. Kimberly is quite impressed, she didn't know smart guys had such big cocks. ...Read More
Kimberly Brix - Persuaded By The Babysitter

Kimberly Brix - My Babysitters Club

28th November - Oh great, here comes Kimberly wanting more money for babysitting but her employer isnt having it until she says she will tell his wife that hes touching her inappropriately! Negotiations begin and they barter for more than just coin. Kimberly drops down to her knees once she sees the money piling on and it doesnt stop there. Kimberly forgets about money once her snatch gets moist and she wants a dicking pronto. From doggy, to cowgirl, to good ol missionary, this isnt this girls first time with an employer it seems! She must be good because this is one of the biggest money shots in babysitters club history. Make sure you watch till the very end! ...Read More

Kimberly Brix - Slutty Squirting Cheerleader

Kimberly Brix - Innocent High

4th January - Young and cute 18 year old Kimberly was getting changed in the locker room when the substitute cheerleading coach came in by mistake and saw something he wasnt supposed to see - her naked teen body! Kimberly grabbed him and pushed him up against the lockers, immediately dropping to her knees and taking out his cock. This slutty cheerleader wasted no time, she sucked his rod like a pro and coach Remmington face fucked her until she was tearing up! It wasnt long until little Kimberly was bent over the bench getting drilled! She even squirted all over his dick! After Kimberly orgasmed a few times, she blew the coach until he dropped his load in and around her mouth! ...Read More