Karly Baker - She's Full Of Squirt


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Karly's boyfriend Derrick seems bored even though she's under the covers blowinghim. She knows something that will get him excited: if she can squirt for him. Karly is new to squirting, but with Derrick's help, she gets her juices flowing.

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Hardcore, Petite, Natural Tits, Facial, Squirting, Blowjob, Big Dick, Teens, Brunette, Open Mouth Facial


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Karly Baker - Sweet Karly

Karly Baker - Sweet Karly

20th February - Always up for a good time, 18 year old Karly Baker wants to show you just how she likes it. After slipping out of her clothes, the raven haired amateur tweaks her puffy nipple titties and then shifts her attention to using a vibrator to really tantalize her clit towards reaching the big O. ...Read More
Karly Baker - Dirty Little Secret

Karly Baker - DarkX

24th February - Karley Baker explains to her therapist Jon Jon that she keeps having this bizarre dream of her lying in an empty bathtub full of clothes. Then finds herself standing there naked holding an apple and an orange. He asks if there is anything going on in her life. She responds that she finally understands what kind of guy she wants in her life. Someone like Jon Jon. She can feel that he wants her too! Even though it is crossing the line Jon Jon does want her tight young pussy! Karley seduces him and lets him fuck her hard right on the office couch! He fucks her wet pussy and mouth until he bursts, a massive cumload right into her mouth! ...Read More
Karly Baker - Playful Teen

Karly Baker - Playful Teen

15th February - Puffy nipple teen Karly Baker is an American cutie with perfect boobs and an ass that won't quit. Her supple nubile body is yours to admire as she peels off her clothes and then works her creamy bare twat with a dildo that will leave her quivering with orgasmic ecstasy. ...Read More

Karly Baker - Puffy Nipples

Karly Baker - Puffy Nipples

16th February - Dressed in a tight outfit that shows off every one of her supple curves, Karly Baker is like candy for your eyes. Once she has peeled off her thong and spread her thighs so you can admire her seductive bare snatch, this braces wearing teen turns to a vibrating dildo to complete her pleasure. ...Read More
Karly Baker - Beautiful Teen Girl Tries Anal

Karly Baker - Tushy

25th June - Karly has a new stepmom. She's cool with that - especially when her stepmom's yoga teacher comes for his weekly visits. He is one hot older guy, and Karly is super attracted to him. On one occasion, Karly walks in on her stepmom and her yoga trainer doing things they really shouldn't be. At first she is shocked, but ends up becoming so turned on. When her mom is late for her next yoga lesson, Harley makes sure she is wearing her sexiest outfit and it doesn't take much for her to persuade him to take a turn with a hotter younger model. She knows exactly what she wants from him, and she is about to give him something he wasn't expecting. ...Read More
Karly Baker - Sexy Cute

Karly Baker - Sexy Cute

19th February - Sexy sweetie Karly Baker is an American dream come true who is determined to keep her spinner body fit. After her traditional exercise, the horny amateur pulls out a vibrating toy that works together with her talented fingers to work out her cum hungry fuck hole in a different but still important way. ...Read More

Karly Baker - The Original Brace Face

Karly Baker - Brace Faced

1st March - Well, you asked for it Skeeters! After months of polling and member feedback, we here at Team Skeet proudly present to you the lovely metal mouthed Karly Baker starring in our first ever Bracefaced.com scene. She‘s been super excited to show her tin grin to the world, and our members are lucky enough to be the first to see it! Karly was super horny and ready to go from the jump. She gave us a little about her background as a Brace Face, then got right to work! A Lot of people are scared girls with braces might not give the best blowjobs, but in reality they really do. Cupping their mouths to ensure a smooth glide, the frigid braces add an extra tingle of pleasure throughout that cock! After the dick sucking puts her mouth at ease, she has got to get her sweet little pussy rammed too, which just added to the euphoria. Our boy was ready to climax, and although she‘s a constant brusher and flosser, there‘s nothing like a heaping coating of cum to make those braces shine extra bright! Stay tuned for more hot Brace Faced teens taking on huge dicks and hoping their dentists won‘t find out and tell their parents! Filling the gap one teen at a time. ...Read More